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Ricinusin Produkt mit Behälter für Bartwuchsmittel, außerdem ist die Produktverpackung zu sehen.
Beard Growing Agent Ricinusin®
Beard Growing Agent Ricinusin®

Beard Growing Agent Ricinusin®

4.7 (329)

Study proves:
Up to +2,070 more whiskers after 150 days of use./p>

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Study RootBioTec HO Feb. 2018
New formula with RootBioTec HO.
Made in Germany.
"Excellent" in beard growth study comparison.

Our beard growth gel stimulates beard growth and ensures a thicker beard with the RootBioTec HO active ingredient complex. Study confirms up to +2,070 more beard hairs after 150 days of use.


  1. 1. Step - 2-4 pump strokes

    Take 2-4 pumps once a day (in the morning or evening)

  2. 2. Step - Rub in

    Spread evenly over cleansed facial skin

  3. 3. Step - Let it soak in

    Leave on and do not wash off

Study analysis

Production of collagens is promoted.

Hair papilla cells are stimulated.

Beard hair growth is stimulated.

Uniform hair growth is promoted.

Test reports

Ricinusin Produkt Bild, Behälter mit Bartwuchsmittel

Certification / dermatological result: "Excellent".

Ricinusin Beard Growth Gel voluntarily puts itself to the dermatological test in 2020. Tested on people of different age groups and different skin types.


Verified reviews.

To the Google reviews

I must confess that I was very skeptical at the beginning... Since I had already tried all sorts of products and felt everyone advertises with great results, I was very cautious. However, the product was recommended to me by a friend, so I dared to try. It must be said clearly - you must not have the expectation after 1 month that you stand in front of the mirror with a full beard. What I do see, however, is that my small, thin fine hairs are getting darker and stronger after 1.5 months. I apply the product daily. So far the product has given the best results for me.

Michael Thalmann

Has led to a visible improvement in me within about 2 months. I now have noticeably more hair in some of my "problem areas" and beard gaps. It has also worked in places where I previously had no or almost no hair. I can only recommend.

Eduard B.

Top! Could fill a few gaps super with it!


I tried this product and can say that it works! My beard is fuller! I can only recommend it 👍

Helmut Burger

I use the beard growth gel now for 3 months. It took a bit but now the first new hairs appear. Am really positively surprised!

Matthias Lutz

Hello dear beard friends, the product or the effect is super. I have for years a place that hardly has beard hair, since the application does something. I have also attached a picture. I can really recommend the product. Thanks :) Greeting Matthias

Pascal Schmitz

Super product. Significantly noticeable improvement and tightness of the hair structure already after a few weeks. Am more than satisfied and would recommend it at any time.

Robin Genz

Beard Care

Tim E.

Hair has become visually denser :-).

From our Shop

Verified reviews.


I have been using the product for a little more than 3 months now and I have to say it takes a moment to start working but then it really works. I was able to fill in and build up my already thin beard hair and a few gaps with it.


My expectations were met with the product. Very refreshing after showering. Effect according to description.


I've been using Ricinusin for about a month now and I see a difference of 15-20%. Otherwise as described, easy to apply in the morning, absorbs quickly, smells pleasant and above all: does not make my facial skin chapped. Cool product, recommend!


After a few days I think I can already see a small difference. I am curious to see the results in a few months.


I didn't hope for a quick full beard, you should give yourself time. But with time, ricinusin shows good results.


Prompt delivery, easy application, actually notice a few more stubbles on face.

Questions from the community

  • The time it takes for the effect to take effect can vary from person to person. Some see success right at the beginning - others see success after months of use. It usually takes 1-2 months to see the first results. In some cases it can take 3-4 months to see the first successes. It's all about patience and consistent application. For best results, we recommend using the beard growth gel for 5 months.

  • Ricinusin was tested by Dermatest on a test group with very dry, oily, normal and sensitive skin. Even after prolonged application of the undiluted gel, it was proven that no skin irritation occurred or that the facial skin reacted sensitively in any other way. At the same time, Ricinusin Beard Growth Gel contains valuable ingredients such as hyaluron and urea, which care for the facial skin and thus the basis for your beard.

  • Take 2-4 pumps once a day (in the morning or evening). Spread evenly over cleansed facial skin. Leave on and do not wash off.

  • We don’t proactively advertise the Beard Growth Gel for the application on scalp hair. However, for the main active ingredient, RootBioTec HO, a promotion of scalp hair growth was proven. Therefore applicants also achieved results applying it on the scalp hair.

  • Once your vellus hair becomes terminal, the results are permanent. You can continue to use the beard growth gel if you want, but if you want to stop, the results will remain.

  • To help you observe your results, we recommend that you let your beard grow out without shaving or trimming it. However, if you want to trim it, this will not affect your success.

  • With proper use, one bottle of Ricinusin Beard Growth Gel will last you 8 - 12 weeks of use.

  • We recommend you to use 2-4 moderate pumps and 2-4 pumps only. Using more than the recommended pumps isn't necessary and won't be more effective for stronger growth. If you use double the amount, then the serums won't last the 8 – 12 weeks it's supposed to and will finish much earlier. It takes time and patient to grow a beard. We recommend using the Beard Growth Gel for 150 days to get the best results.