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Beard Growing Agent Ricinusin®

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Verified reviews.

To the Google reviews

I must confess that I was very skeptical at the beginning... Since I had already tried all sorts of products and felt everyone advertises with great results, I was very cautious. However, the product was recommended to me by a friend, so I dared to try. It must be said clearly - you must not have the expectation after 1 month that you stand in front of the mirror with a full beard. What I do see, however, is that my small, thin fine hairs are getting darker and stronger after 1.5 months. I apply the product daily. So far the product has given the best results for me.

Michel Thalmann

Has led to a visible improvement in me within about 2 months. I now have noticeably more hair in some of my "problem areas" and beard gaps. It has also worked in places where I previously had no or almost no hair. I can only recommend.

Eduard B.

Top! Could fill a few gaps super with it!


I tried this product and can say that it works! My beard is fuller! I can only recommend it 👍

Helmut Burger

I use the beard growth gel now for 3 months. It took a bit but now the first new hairs appear. Am really positively surprised!

Matthias Lutz

Hello dear beard friends, the product or the effect is super. I have for years a place that hardly has beard hair, since the application does something. I have also attached a picture. I can really recommend the product. Thanks :) Greeting Matthias

Pascal Schmitz

Super product. Significantly noticeable improvement and tightness of the hair structure already after a few weeks. Am more than satisfied and would recommend it at any time.

Robin Genz

Beard Care

Tim E.

Hair has become visually denser :-).

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Verified reviews.


I have been using the product for a little more than 3 months now and I have to say it takes a moment to start working but then it really works. I was able to fill in and build up my already thin beard hair and a few gaps with it.


My expectations were met with the product. Very refreshing after showering. Effect according to description.


I've been using Ricinusin for about a month now and I see a difference of 15-20%. Otherwise as described, easy to apply in the morning, absorbs quickly, smells pleasant and above all: does not make my facial skin chapped. Cool product, recommend!


After a few days I think I can already see a small difference. I am curious to see the results in a few months.


I didn't hope for a quick full beard, you should give yourself time. But with time, ricinusin shows good results.


Prompt delivery, easy application, actually notice a few more stubbles on face.